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NSG Tomorrow

We are here to empower you to innovate and explore the unexplored

NSG Tomorrow is a sponsorship and grant programme for early stage biotech companies, helping pre-incorporated projects and start-up companies to execute towards their vision. Awardees of this programme will receive prizes to assist them in their progress. In addition, successful participants will have the opportunity to work with our and our partners’ community of world-renowned scientific, industry and business mentors to gain valuable advice and insights.


Empowering Visionaries

Here are some of rules and regulations.

Requirement #1

Applicable to pre-incorporated projects and companies

Requirement #2

Applicable to projects and companies working in therapeutics (drug discovery or development) or biotechnology platforms

Requirement #3

Complete form by deadline

Stand to Win Prizes**

Together with our esteemed partners, the NSG Tomorrow programme provides the necessary elements for a biotechnology start-up.

Prize #1

Cash grants or credits at NSG BioLabs, our BSL-2 co-working laboratory and office space

Prize #2

Access to our and our partners’ world-renowned mentors and advisors across the globe

Prize #3

Opportunity to pitch to our sponsors, NSG Ventures and our network of investors

**Prizes differ from programme to programme. Please refer to the programme list for details.